Conference Organization
We focus on detail when we organise high quality professional meetings, conferences and seminars, so that you can focus on your work.

For us, the success of a conference does not depend only on the choice of an excellent hotel, but also the facilities and services of the hotel, the conference areas, the restaurant menu and the organisation of various happenings and entertainment.

In collaboration with the person-in-charge of your company, we organise the whole timetable, the transportation and the day trips in the area, taking care of all the details. An estimate of the budget and other details can be provided well in advance.

We can organize:
- bookings at the best hotels, restaurants and conference halls, that offer a relaxed atmosphere and really high standards of quality.
- day-cruises round the small islands of Sivota and Paxi.
- excursions to the springs of Aherontas river, the ancient area of Dodoni, Ioannina town, Meteora, etc.

Contact us and let us contribute to the successful organisation of your conference or seminar.

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