Wedding and Christening Organization
Picturesque Sivota and the surrounding area (Plataria, Perdika) have attracted recently the attention of many couples, who would like to hold the ceremony of their weddings or their children’s christening in the area.

At SIVOTA TRAVEL we offer detailed services for organizing successfully such ceremonies. We are here, committed to providing the very best from the beginning of the preparation to the final day of the wedding or christening.

Our immense experience in this section enables us to make your dreams come true, following your wishes and desires. We aim at your complete satisfaction, meeting your needs in accordance with your budget.

We organize:
- Hotel bookings for you and your guests.
- The booking of the venue for your wedding/ christening reception at a hotel or restaurants of your choice.
- Florist decorations.
- Professional video-recording and photo-shooting.
- Booking for day-cruises around the islands of Sivota and Paxi.
- Overall supervision and coordination.

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