Our agency, as a General Tourism Office, was set up in Sivota in the early 1980’s, at the dawn of tourism in our area. It is situated at the port of Sivota, opposite the Port Patrol Station, and you can contact us throughout the year.

Our experience over the years in the areas of booking accommodation of all kinds, excursions, ferry tickets for Greece and abroad, and everything else that we offer, guarantees the high quality of our services. As a result, we enjoy our customers’ trust.

Recreational trips, as well as business trips, have become part of our lives. With our experience we make sure that your stay in the enchanting Sivota and the surrounding area (through our booking in hotels, rooms-for-rent, studios, flats, villas, etc.) will be unforgettable.

We also offer the best information on what motor boat or yacht you can rent for one or more days in order to enjoy your holiday in the beautiful, aquamarine waters of the Ionian Sea.

You can rely on us to meet all your needs and make your dreams come true.


The Sivota is a picturesque seaside village of rare beauty, in the northern Ionian Sea. It is just 24 km south of Igoumenitsa, opposite Corfu.

The natural beauty has made it a magnet for Greek and foreign tourists with special attendance in recent years. Leafing through the pages of this website and through the photographs that we provide you can admire the unique landscape.


The village got its name from the SIVOTA battle (433 BC) between Corinth and Corfu during the Peloponnesian War, as described by the ancient historian Thucydides (460-400 BC) As Thucydides the area which consisted of five islands and coasts, was uninhabited.

Subsequent reports indicate that Sivota:
- To 551 AD the area was destroyed by the Goths.
- In 1294 AD the sivota administered by the despot of Epirus
- To1821 during the revolution were on the islands of Kiriakoulis Mavromichalis.
- Later the village was named successively Volia and berries until 1950, the year he took the official name of Sivota.

Today Sivota, belong to the Municipality of Igoumenitsa.

(History: Gregory Kalogeropoulos, Historian Dr. The University of Sorbonne)

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