Boat rental for private excursions

POSEIDON speedboat with a capacity of 10 people is ideal for families with children but also for large groups who look for comfort and luxury. There is a captain and the innovative flat deck offers comfortable and quiet cruising. There is easy access to the elderly, people with special needs or strollers. The access to the beach is directly on the sand.

Available for: parties, romantic dates, a diving experience, bachelor parties or birthdays. The rental is private so you can choose the destination you wish near Sivota.


• Length: 8.4m
• 150Hp engine
• 10 People Max
• WiFi
• Tent
• Audio System (Usb)
• Shower
• Portable Ice Fridge
• Cruise Awning (at an additional cost)

Black Swan Boats I, II, III

R.I.B. inflatable boats for private cruises in Sivota, Paxos / Antipaxos.

Departure from Sivota at 09:30. Arrival in Lakka after 35-50 minutes (depending on the boat), where you can enjoy a coffee / breakfast or swim on a small beach. Then, there is a tour of Paxos where you can admire the steep caves and swim on secluded beaches. On arrival to Antipaxos you can enjoy a dive in the unique beaches of "VOUTOUMI" and "VRIKA".

Later on, there is a visit to the picturesque Gaios (capital of Paxos) for lunch or an ice cream. Finally, on the way back to Sivota tour you have the chance to swim again in the fantastic beaches of "PISINA" and "DIAPORI".


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